On this map you can see two routes and two circuits around the world – one has been already accomplished and another one is still in progress. 

The circumnavigation which started in 2013, smoothly flowed into the second circuit without returning home, just because the road became my home, and the world my family.  

The red line is the route of the first circuit around the world, from 2013 to 2019, and the green line is the route of the second circuit, which started right after the first one in December 2019. There are no plans or deadlines for the second circumnavigation. 

Although I separated two circumnavigations in two different colors, it is actually one continuous journey, with no schedules, rigid plans or exact routes. So where and when exactly I will be, no one knows, including me.  

The green line shows just an approximate direction of my journey, but it can also change due to different circumstances, both personal and global.

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